8Letters Bookstore and Publishing created Writers’ Discourse Forum to offer a haven for writers who are looking for an intellectual discussion on all things literary. We ask that you follow these rules to ensure that our small community of writers grow through healthy discourse.

Rule No. 1

Feel free to post your comments, topics, and questions as long as they are relevant to the group and are not, in any way, against the values they uphold.

Rule No. 2

Healthy arguments are welcome, which means reasons are valid and are backed by facts. No bashing and ad hominem please.

Rule No. 3

Keep your criticism constructive. Should you want to discuss anything personal, contact the creator in private.

Rule No. 4

Cite your sources. Always.

Rule No. 5

Do not copy, share, or cite any of the works posted by the members of this forum without their permission.

The Most Important Rule of All

Be a sponge. A writer needs a solid support of a writing group for growth and to keep you anchored. While you soak up the knowledge from other members of this community, you also have the role of imparting what you know and providing assistance to your fellow writers.