How to Navigate Around Writers' Discourse


Welcome! Welcome!
You might have a prior experience in forums or writing groups, but this is new territory for some. Check out the forum rules if you want to know how to behave around our turf. For other navigating issues, you may find them below:

From the homepage, click REGISTER to open the registration form.

After you sign up, you need to check your email for the activation link.

If clicking the link doesn’t work, you can paste the activation code on the input box. Then, click ACTIVATE.

Congratulations! You’re now a member of Writers’ Discourse.


One of the great features of the Discourse platform is the Docs. Discourse Docs can be used to put your stories out for critiquing or beta reading by other writers in the community.

You can create a document that is accessible only to you or to one of the groups you’re a member of. Click DOCS from the sidebar or from the main menu to access the documents you created.

Click CREATE NEW DOC to start a new document. Name your document and type the content. 

You can attach files to your document and pick the group that you allow access to view your document. If it’s a personal document, choose NONE.

In the Access section, you can set up who can view, comment or edit your document.

You can save your document in a folder or nested in other folders.

For ease of searching, put tags on your document such as genre, type of writing, etc. If your document is a revision of another document, you can use the older document as the parent document.

Don’t forget to click SAVE.

There are a few ways of engaging with the members of Discourse. You may share a status just like on social media platforms. Mention the username of a friend or receive replies from other members.

Discourse also runs a forum section for more organized and focused discussions. If you decide to join the Writers’ Discourse Camp, many of the challenges and activities will be posted in the forum.

When you click FORUMS on the header menu, you will see the forums that you can engage in. Forums are similar to a library or bookstore section.

Note: Only Administrators, Moderators and the Keymaster can create forums.

Inside each forum are TOPICS. That’s like the genre shelves in the Fiction Section of the library.

When you open a topic, you may reply to a thread or start a new one.